This blog represents the thoughts, perceptions, opinions and conclusions of my mind. The views expressed here are not intended to harm the character or reputations of persons, corporations, groups or entities: fictional or real.

While being aware that an online blog is considered now to fall under the definition and statutes of publishing: equal to newspaper and magazine media, radio & television broadcast and wireless and satellite communication; I do not agree with certain legal precedents in regards to the policing and enforcement of what is or is not considered free speech via the computer network known as www, http, internet, TCP/IP.

I believe in responsible free speech on both sides of the spectrum. I do not believe in frivolous litigious behavior or action. By reading this blog, you release myself and all distributors of this online content of all liabilities in regards to libel issues and proceedings.

If you don’t like the opinions expressed here, don’t read it.You are entitled to your opinion. However, you are not entitled  to invoke or attempt financial hardship, ruin or the draining of financial resources by filing a knowingly unsound lawsuit in the hopes of eliminating my  individual right to express myself by public or private means by using fear of litigious action, civil penalties or imprisonment.


All images appearing at benbanksart.com are the property of Ben Banks unless specified otherwise.

Under u.s. copyright law, a work of art and it’s subsequent image are automatically copyrighted the moment it is created The artist retains the copyright for his entire life unless the artist specifically transfers that copyright to another person or organization. The transfer of copyright must be in writing.

My images do not belong to the public domain. All images are copyright ©Ben Banks. All rights reserved. The copying, altering, displaying or redistributing of any of these images without written permission from, and compensation to the artist is strictly prohibited.


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