Many people balk at the idea of buying something sight unseen. It’s understandable as we like to actually feel, smell, play with and look at the product; whether it’s clothing, jewelry, a car or a cellphone.

With the ability to buy online enhanced by the speed of global shipping and aided by personalization of consumer products available to suit your personal tastes, buying art online can actually be a wise choice.

If one doesn’t have the time or money to actually venture out and look for a piece of art they want, looking online at the thousands of art web sites run by individual artists can be a viable option.

But alas, many sites are poorly built, don’t capture the art in the best light or are just maintained haphazardly. What I have tried to do is present my work in the best possible way and make it secure and easy to order with confidence.

Confidence that your financial data is safe. Thats why my site uses Paypal and is Paypal verified. I also offer the option for wire transfers for those who don’t have Paypal account.

Confidence that what you see is the best image available to reflect the work. I shoot all images of my paintings in a RAW format. Which means in layman’s terms I get the highest amount of digital information available as opposed to normal JPG images. The paintings are shot in natural soft light and properly exposed, color corrected and balanced. And because the file images are so large, one gets a chance to really see the details in the painting.

Now, naturally, I believe that seeing a painting in person is always the best way to decide if one wants to buy it. And if you can see it in the surroundings where you would like to place it, all the more better.

But if you can’t do that because of distance or the time required to make an appointment for a showing, you can rest assured that what you see here on the site is the best possible image to show off the painting.

Also, many worry about shipping. Shipping is not a problem. These pieces are shipped at a low cost and insured. They are packaged personally by me and using the best materials. Insured, wrapped in a protective bubble wrap and using carton material specifically for shipping, you have the peace of mind that it will arrive to you in a professional  and timely manner.

Some people prefer to still shop the way we always have; physically going into the shop to handle the product. But if you are someone who knows what they like as soon as they see it, don’t hesitate to go ahead and purchase it. Having a piece of art arriving from a far away place one may not get the chance to travel to in the near future is always a great thing to look forward to! Knowing that it is the culmination of someone’s hard work and passion makes the experience of owning an original art piece from the south of France all the more enjoyable!




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