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I don’t even know what that really means but I thought it was a catchy title.

Anyway, I shot a quick video highlighting the details of my paintings that may not be apparent even with the high resolution photos I have in my online galerie. I want to show the texture and relief that I incorporate in the work and why so many people are drawn to them when they see them in person.




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Large format paintings can be one of the crown jewels in your home. When you have a painting that takes up much of the space on the wall, it can actually free you from the responsibility of having to furnish and coordinate furniture with smaller accent pieces.

It allows the focus of the room to be on the painting and can even make it somewhat of a neutral viewing area in between two or three larger rooms which may be connected and used regularly. Sometimes, having it on the wall near the interior entrance of the house can make it a welcome addition to the social scene when entertaining  friends and  also have a powerful impact on potential clients.

I present my second large scale painting entitled “Lullaby for the East Coast”. It measures 2 meters by 2 meters and is signed at the bottom right corner.



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This is an expression in the states that people like to say. There is no room for subtlety with some people. But it can mean also, ‘bring your best game’.

It’s been a long road for me since I started painting and even when I had started I wanted to do bigger paintings. The convenience of ordering big canvas’s and having them shipped to my house or even making my own chassis has been almost not existent here. I chose the format I currently work with because it was really the biggest size I could get here in the south of France. Also, I wanted to allow people to have a large painting without having to add another addition to their house!

But I had worked some larger sizes a couple years ago and wanted to return to that. So today I present my first large scale work here in France. It measures 195cm x130 cm and will be the first in a new series for next year. If you like big paintings, then this could be the one for you!

Ceci est une expression dans les Etats que les gens aiment à dire. Il n’ya pas deplace pour la subtilité avec certaines personnes. Mais cela peut signifier aussi,«apportez votre meilleur jeu».Ça a été une longue route pour moi depuis que j’ai commencé à peindre et même quand j’avais commencé, je voulais faire plus de peintures. L’avantage de commander grosse toile et les avoir livré à ma maison ou même faire mon propre châssis a été presque inexistante ici. J’ai choisi le format que je travaille actuellement avec, car il était vraiment la plus grande taille j’ai pu obtenir ici dans le sud de la France. Aussi, je voulais permettre aux gens d’avoir un grand tableausans avoir à ajouter une autre addition à leur maison!Mais j’avais travaillé quelques grandes tailles il ya quelques années et je voulaisrevenir. Donc aujourd’hui je présente mon premier grand travail ici en France. Il mesure 195cm x130 cm et sera le premier d’une nouvelle série pour l’année prochaine. Si vous aimez grandes peintures, alors ce pourrait être l’un pour vous!


Esta es una expresión en los estados que la gente le gusta decir. No hay lugarpara la sutileza con algunas personas. Pero puede significar también, ”traer sumejor juego.

Ha sido un largo camino para mí desde que comencé a pintar y aún cuando había empezado lo que quería hacer grandes obras. La conveniencia de ordenar engrandes lienzos y que los envíen a mi casa, o incluso hacer mi propio chasis ha sido casi no existe aquí. Yo elegí el formato que actualmente trabajar porque en realidad era el tamaño más grande que podía llegar hasta aquí en el sur de Francia. Además, yo quería permitir que la gente tiene una gran pintura sin tener que añadir otro, además de su casa!

Pero yo había trabajado unos tamaños más grandes un par de años y quería volvera eso. Así que hoy les presento mi primer trabajo a gran escala aquí en Francia.Mide 195 cm x130 cm y será el primero de una nueva serie para el próximo año. Si te gusta pinturas, entonces esto podría ser el uno para usted!


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iPads are the phenomenon of this new decade. It is absolutely amazing how far we have come in the field of personal computers. And it will be even more amazing to see what the future holds.

In the mean time I’ve decided to release certain images of my art to be made into iPad skins for you iPad users. They will be limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide for each image that will be chosen.

Stay tuned for the selection and add the RSS feed from this site to your Google reader or whichever browser reader you use.

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