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Making Your Short Film- Getting From The Page To The Screen

In my second post, I want to describe the process I found that helped me in moving to the next level in making my short film. When I begin writing, I find it helps me to close my eyes and imagine what the film will look like beginning to end. Usually, there is some piece [...]

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Making Your Short Film- Real Life Lessons I Learned by Doing It

I’ve been involved with making short films for over seven years now. In fact, I even co-produced a feature film entitled Bonne Année with director Alexander Berberich a couple years ago which won two film festival awards. (You can read a review of the film here at Eye for Film.) Making short films has always [...]

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Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

It’s coming up on a year since I launched my art web site. And in that year I’ve learned many things about myself, people and what the life of an artist entails. In todays highly competitive media outlets, it’s is very hard to expose your work to the world and to get attention. Mainly because [...]

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15 Questions Every Artist Should Ask Before Exposing

One of the biggest challenges that face professional artists today is choosing what events to participate in to expose their work. Many of us have limited resources; namely money; and it behooves us to examine the potential benefit for us in expositions.   It’s very important to get your work exposed to as many people [...]

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What Does It Take To Be a Working Artist in the South of France-The Six Month Followup Part 1

In February, my post entitled “WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A WORKING ARTIST” marked the beginning of my attempt to write about my experiences as an artist here in France. I don’t know if there are any artists reading the blog but I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past six [...]

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The Rebirth of Art

Last week, I spoke of a Ponzi scheme in the high art world. Maybe that was harsh but I wanted to get your attention.Because the public has been told by the art media, experts and art trend commentators that this conceptual art movement and the art from it is not only a real value because [...]

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Broken and Battered-Helping Japan To Stand Up Again

It is truly amazing how we as a species can produce an outpouring of sympathy and help when a catastrophic event shakes up a certain corner of the world. We’ve seen ourselves rise to the occasion time and time again with the earthquakes in China, Afghanistan and Haiti and the last tsunami that rocked Indonesia [...]

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The Death of Banal Art

Last week I wrote about the potential collapse in the high art markets of London and New York. The art world’s obsession over the conceptual art movement and in turn the works of designers like Koons and Hirst and the subsequent failure of their work to earn a decent return in the second hand trade [...]

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Exit Through The Gift Shop- Who’s fooling whom?

I recently sat down and watched the documentary entitled “Exit Through The Gift Shop” after a friend made a positive comment about it. I was aware of the film and especially after my name has two of the most recently known names in European art circles (Ben the french artist who writes phrases in French [...]

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The REAL ‘Inside Job’- The Art World’s Next Financial Meltdown?

Last night in Los Angeles, the Oscar for best documentary feature was awarded to the film INSIDE JOB, a chilling tale of the most recent market meltdown orchestrated by the world’s biggest financial institutions. After all the hype of whether Exit Through The Gift Shop would win or not, I began to see a pattern [...]

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