Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

It’s coming up on a year since I launched my art web site. And in that year I’ve learned many things about myself, people and what the life of an artist entails. In todays highly competitive media outlets, it’s is very hard to expose your work to the world and to get attention. Mainly because there is so much content to sift through. Also, because there is a huge amount of mediocre content. And  because we just don’t have the time.

My own life is in flux right now. Personal, financial and creative challenges have forced me and my partner to adapt, improvise and try to overcome the current situation. It has been a strain on us both and it can really test the bond that initially drew us together. And again, so many people have exhibited such great concern, help and that alone has made this process rewarding. But if you don’t grow, you die. And when things aren’t going as well as you think they should, you have to be flexible. You have to adapt, improvise and overcome. And I’m always open to better ways to master myself and master my talents. In addition to painting, I have produced films and I continue to hone my photographic skills along with my writing. And I think that this coming year will be a better year, personally and professionally. I want it to be and I am willing to do what it takes to achieve that.

In my effort to expose my work to more people, one of the things I did was to write posts on my blog about art related things I felt the need to comment on. Though it allows someone to get a small peek as to my thought process and my opinions, it is just that-an opinion. And like assh@les, everyone has one. What I found was that it didn’t really show what was influencing me as a person and as an artist. There is a saying that the great artists don’t copy; they steal. I think a better way to see it is that to be a great artist you have to harvest the little things you are exposed to in your life and see if they can be the seeds that germinate into bigger, personal concepts or ideas that further your art. They need to contribute to the journey of the artist.

Talking about it is inherently different than sharing it.You can only learn so much about an artist by reading what he or she editorializes.That becomes monotonous. So in 2012, I will be sharing the things that interest me, catch my eye, make me think, force me to confront my own paradigm, and compel an emotional response from me.

I encourage you to comment and share your own thoughts on these topics. I like to engage with my readers so please feel free to comment and I would also love to see what you think are the influences in your life as an artist.


So here it is:

British film director Nick Scott’s short film ‘School Portrait’ has one million views worldwide and may have launched the career of a little red headed girl. Maybe he’s on to something?

An exhibition inspired by Hampstead Heath at the Burgh House Gallery and Museum.

Are you a jealous person? Here’s how to get over it.

Tired of waiting for your fine wine to breathe before you can enjoy it? Decant it in five seconds!

22 year old Margaret Durow has an exceptional eye for taking beautiful photos. See series IV.

French resistance  and modern design meet in an exceptional living/work space in the heart of Paris.

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